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Grande Cevallos... Grande Claudio!!!

I'm proud of you guys! Good job!!!

Pepe Pancho, your effort is worth the tears *pets him*


Happy Holiday Season to Everyone of you!!

So, thanks to niloo88I'm getting my CHristmas stocking this year... let's how it ends up for me, last year the real one was plenty of little goodies that I loved, including a new niece. x)

If you want to get one sign up at http://seasonstocking.livejournal.com/16524.html   and follow the instructions.
To fill my stocking you have to comment on  http://seasonstocking.livejournal.com/38012.html as many times as you want... <3<3
You can post songs, pictures, photos, graphics, icons, drabbles, FICS (cof-cof...Claire), compliments etc.

Happy Holidays! Luv you all!
Christmas Pictures, Images and Photos



Here a couple of FUNNY and cool captions I made with Photofunia (U may google it) and an extra one from Claire...

BOOOOO!!!!!!!!Collapse )
YES!!! We're Back!!!

First some Zebras words about the 'episode'...

And now magic!

Luv, Pattie

WCQ: LIppi's reign + GME stuff

It wasn't the perfect match but I'm quite satisfied with what the lads did on the pitch. To my juventini... I'm so proud of you, guys!!
To Di Natale and DDR... I'm impressed  BRAVO!!!

Oh yes... this video rocks! I really liked Canna and Legro sharing responsibilities back there. xD
And for Toni, maybe he's a lost cause, I'm sorry but it looks absurd to keep using him for nothing!

And for all there outside who knows about my current situation dealing with GME applications, I did it already I applied for the programs last night while wnjoying a fine glass of wine and some milk chocolate, the ocasion was so worth. So far no rejections from Emory, Southern Illinois or Grand Rapids, we'll see. In the meantime, my gastritis struke back again DARN!!!!

Luv, Pattie

Random post...totally!

I just want to post this picture cause I'm truly in love with it! You can say a trillion things out of it!


This HAS to be here!

I used to do gymnastics in high school, and one of my inspirational figures was Nadia, you can see what I'm talking about... PERFECT 10, knowing that the standards have changed, watching her doing her perfect routine is so amazing and breath-taking.

I'm a huge gymnastics fan, and I've been delighted with the Olympics, sadly US didn't win the gold as a team but so far, they did great... and gotta say... Sasha, I love you!

Congrats to Jefferson, for winning silver yesterday on the 40km. I'm so proud of you! Thanks so much!
And today... GO ZEBRAS... let's bring the Berlusconi to Del Alpi! xD I can not be prouder of mi capitano and the lads, Alex is gonna rock again this season!
Continuing with the footie talk... Buffon, Chiellini, Camoranesi, Del Piero and now Vince a la nazionale... It smells like "zebra" spirit! xD

Ohhhh... one last thing... I passed my last test to be a certified doctor here in the States! Now I'm drowning in paper work, but keep going!


Cute meme - your boy picspam

Snagged from antar82

1. Pick a hot guy... take a moment to think.

2. Is this really the guy you want?
3. Pick his top 10 hottest, cutest, most irresistible pictures.
4. Tag 5 other users.



Here to you... FELIZ CUMPLEANIOS!!!!!

VAMOS LIGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today my team LDU is playing the final of Copa Libertadores de America against Fluminense, BRA... the champion will defeat play against Manchester United.
The first leg game was in Quito lastr week and we won 4-2 in an spectacular first half!
Good Luck, my boys! I know we can do it!!!! And that you know it!!!!!!!!!

C' mon BIELER!!!!! Dale CEVALLOS!!!!!!!!!

First thing I found when I opened my msn window was everyone cheering for la Liguita!! It was very touchy! Thanks guys!!!